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Dee Snider Radio was born in July of 1999 when Dee Snider was brought to WMRQ to host the morning show at Radio 104 in Hartford, CT. Dee Snider Radio consists of seven characters, all distinguished by unique personalities.

Dee 's former life as a Rock star is well documented and undeniable…Even though he might like to. Beth is often referred to as The Pilgrim because of her puritan nature…she has no skeletons in the closet…that we know of. And if she does, they would smell like potpourri and mothballs. No closet is big enough for all of Nick's skeletons. In fact, he has had to rent a public storage facility for them. Aside from making chauvinistic and insensitive remarks that cover the spectrum, he also has performed a number of stunts to his credit. Nick has drunk his own urine, endured a physical prostate exam at the tender age of 27, and once in college sodomized himself with a bottle for $65. Hey…he was desperate!Darkside Dave has the "thousand yard stare" of a man who's spent 4 years doing overnights smoking weed and boning chicks on the console. He's an avid hunter…but he's never actually killed anything.Sean's sexual orientation is questioned on a daily basis and no one's exactly sure why. However, he does suffer from sexual frustration and has a penchant for Internet porn and chat rooms. Psycho suffers from performance anxiety in the bathroom. He is a huge Stone Temple Pilots fan and becomes enraged at Dee's daily insinuations that STP used to be a Journey cover band. He is often seen plotting and devising new ways to humiliate Sean and polishing his German helmet.Mudbone is a survivor of the mean streets of Atlanta, with the scars from a bullet wound to prove it. He also seems to know the lines and scores before the bookies do.