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Deego: What Dee's enormously large ego is referred to as
Bottle Boy: See Bottle incident
Bottle Incident: In a drunken college stupor on a dare for $65., Nick sodomized himself with a bottle
Bull's Balls Challenge: Quasi-annual event where chefs compete to make best dishes w. Bull testes
Cheyenne: Dee's 5 year old daughter
Cody: Dee's 11 year old son
Connor: Darkside's son, a.k.a."The Boy". Born November of 2000
Doc B: Dee Snider Radio physician in residence. Gave nick a prostate exam.
Fault Line: Sean's cover/original rock band (play a lot of 80's Heavy Metal)
Haggis Feast: Dee and Darkside consumed a Haggis on the air. (Scottish delicacy-stuffed sheep's stomach.
Hunting Nick: Darkside and Hunters hunt Nick w/paintball guns: Nick insulted hunters. He got crushed
Jake: Former co-host (with Beth and Nick) of the 104 Morning show-replaced by Dee
Jesse: Dee's 19 year old son
John Rocker: Pitcher who Twisted Sister banned from using "I Wanna Rock: after his bigoted comments.
Leslie: Nick's long suffering ex-live-in-girlfriend. Not on good terms w. nick.
Long Meadow Lancers: Nick's High School football team of which he was the quarterback of.
Long Meadow: Preppie suburban town in Massachusetts where Nick grew up
Maggot: One of the many girls once associated with Moonchylde (See Moonchylde)
Mako: Dee's legally insane best friend, and godfather of his son Shane
Matt from Agwam: Peep, occasional writer for DSR.
Michelle: Darkside's petite, feisty fiance-together for 5 years, have a son(see:Connor)
Mobil Speed Pass: Nick's life source.
Moonchylde: The name of Darkside's now defunct Metal band.
Mr Lentino: Nick's dad with an outrageously large belly
Mr. Wallace: Darkside's dad. Ex-Vietnam vet with an outrageously large nose
New Britain: Darksides hometown- a rough, gritty small city(a.k.a.Hard Hittin' New Britain)
Nicky "Nightlife": Nickname given to Nick during one of Nick's street bits
NOSE-stradamus: See Mr. Wallace
Pimpin' the Peeps: DSR dating game-Zalman was an early "Pimpee"
Piss Boy: See Urine Drinking
Placenta Feast: Dee and Darkside consumed a human placenta on the air.
Reverend Dave Hill: Old Programing director at radio 104-brought Dee to Hartford
Sagen Sie Was: weekly game show hosted by Psycho Dan. Rules it with an iron fist.
Shane: Dee's 13 year old son
Shots Fired: A sound clip of Nick screaming while running through the woods. (See Hunting Nick)
Shovelhead: One of the many girls once associated with Moonchylde (See Moonchylde)
Silent Jay: Surly engineer who had Darkside's Job for First Month of DSR.
Strangeland: Dee's independent theatrical debut that he wrote, produced, and starred in.
Survivor: DSR style, which Psycho somehow won
Suzette: Dee's wife
The Bull: Nickname Nick once had in High School
This is where it all begins: A phrase that Sean uses to start all Fault Line shows. (See Fault Line)
Todd Thomas: Current Programming Director at Radio 104 in Hartford.
Troll: One of the many girls once associated with Moonchylde. (See Moonchylde)
Tuna: One of the many girls once associated with Moonchylde (See Moonchylde)
Urine Drinking: For $100 Righteous bucks, Nick drank 4 ounces of his own urine
Zalman: An original regular/Peep. Won 125K on Who WTBA Millionaire- energetic geek, very political.
Johnny Electric: A nickname given to Beth's husband by Bosstone's lead singer Dicky Barrett
Glenn: Beth's husband (See Johnny Electric)
Deegotistical: See Deego
Bacne: A term used to refer to acne of the back
Mandles: A term used to refer to Nick's sandles that he frequently wears during the summer months which expose his Talon like feet.
Poochini: Nick's family poodle that passed away over a year ago.
Millo: Name of a former intern of Dee Snider Radio