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This is your week to just let bygones be bygones. Sure, it was wrong of your parents to auction you off to your neighbors when you were only 11 years old just so they could borrow their jet-ski for the weekend. But hey, you learned how to build a gazebo from scratch with your bare hands that weekend. And so what if your brother had sex with your wife in the bathroom of the reception hall on the day of your wedding. At least you know where your son gets his blue eyes and blonde hair from. And of course nobody likes to have a rumor spread around the office saying that you were caught masturbating in the breakroom, but if you're willing to look hard enough, there's a silver lining there. Listen, it's time to let the healing begin. So get up off your ass right now and go hug that little punk that put dogshit in your mailbox and shot bottlerockets at your front door last month.