Dee Snider Radio

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I know what some of you are thinking, “Dee Snider Radio?  What the hell is that?”  While others--my peeps--are saying, “Dee Snider Radio!  Damn I miss that show!”

From 1999 to 2002, I hosted a four hour, morning talk radio show, first on WMRQ, Radio 104 in Hartford, CT, then simulcast in Richmond, VA on WXLR.  My team and I took “the little radio show that could” from the bottom of the ratings heap, made it one of the top morning shows in Hartford and the number one morning show in Richmond and garnered a legion of dedicated Dee Snider Radio “peeps” (My nickname for my listeners.).

Sadly, in 2002--though still a highly rated morning show--I had a falling out with management during contract renegotiations and my show was abruptly pulled off the air, leaving a void in Hartford/Richmond morning radio (and in my radio career) that is yet to be filled.

Over the last seven years (is it seven already?), I constantly run into peeps still raving about the show and saying how much they miss it.  For what it’s worth, I miss it too.  I miss my crew, I miss my cities and I miss my peeps.

So one day a few months back, I was going through a closet and came across literally hundreds of hours of DSR shows.  Now since I personally get a great deal of pleasure listening to old broadcasts of a radio show I grew up with (Jean Shepherd; best known for writing and narrating “A Christmas Story”.), I’m thinking maybe my former listeners would like the opportunity to listen to these old shows.  And so, “” was born.

In future weeks and months, more and more shows will be posted for your listening enjoyment.  And for my Philadelphia peeps (I did nights for about seven months on WMMR), in the future I will be expanding this website to contain a lot of stuff from that show as well.

So whether you’re a Dee Snider Radio Peep from the day, or you just got turned onto my show from this website and are a “nuvo-peep”, I hope you enjoy this site.  I dedicate it to my morning show team, Beth, Nick, Darkside Dave, Psycho Dan, Sean and guys were great to work with and I miss you all!

Dee Snider